The greatest pump clip of all time

Stop trying. It’s over. The greatest pump clip of all time has been created.

The bells have cracked. The sun: Eclipsed. The birds are hushed and the trees have ceased to sway. In the pursuit of perfection, a masterpiece of our time has been released from its marble monolith of InDesign; chiselled deftly with love and ardour into a shining beacon of hope in these drastic times.

This showed up on my Twitter feed and my heart stopped beating. Gaze upon the majesty of Alphabet Brewing Co.’s Zack de la Rocher and tell me you haven’t just stared into the face of Apollo.

Yeah, and what’s more, it’s a brown ale incorporating the band that taught me to read the Communist Manifesto and my favourite flavour combination ever – chocolate and hazlenut. Always a sucker for whole nut, me.
Stay tuned as I try my fucking hardest to source such a godly treat so I can review it and let you know if they really are spoiling urrrrs.

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