Trained journalist in “writing for a living” shock

I’ve only been writing about beer for a year or so.

Before that, I was a marketing exec with a journalism degree, ten years’ experience in writing PRs and a passion for fancy (and not-so-fancy) alcoholic beverages.

I’ve always written stories. When I started writing again as an adult, I realised that the stories I love telling are those with people at the centre. Pub culture has become my favourite topic to explore, from brewing to selling to drinking to sitting around a table with an opened out packet of cheese and onion and talking about every subject under the sun.

Beer is important to me and hopefully, what I write helps bring a different perspective; makes it more accessible, gives it another dimension, or it makes you laugh. I’m happy either way.

Shortlisted for the St. Austell British Guild of Beer Writers Young Writer of the Year Award.

Who I work for

I am a regular contributor to Ferment.

I run the North West Beer community.

I have a monthly guest spot on BBC Radio Lancashire.

I’m the PR Coordinator for TryAnuary, and the Regional Coordinator of TryLancs.

For hire

I am a trainee beer judge – my previous judging credits include Manchester Homebrew Expo and the World Beer Awards.

I love new writing challenges – get in touch.

I can pair your food with beer – let’s work on your menu together.

I am a homebrewer and love collaborating with breweries – if you need someone to stand and chat to you while you mash in, let me know.


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